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Patricia Gonzales

My Journey

After suddenly and unexpectedly becoming a single mom I quickly had to figure out how to provide and care for my three very young daughters. My entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and I turned my home into a child-care home thus solving two “single-mom problems” providing for my daughters financial and child-care wellbeing.

Shortly after my mother passed away my dad moved in with me and girls and I began to care for him. During this time, I opened the first of two child-care facilities. Several years later the second facility opened. Unfortunately, my father’s health began to fail and I became his full-time caretaker until his passing.

After my dad passed, I felt a calling to care for the elderly in the community. This calling led me to open an assisted care facility in honor of my parents’ memory. My mission is to give the same level of care and attention that I gave my dad to others who need it.